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Modular/customized approach

Smart Revolution believes that a modular and customized approach is the best for responding to the training needs of private companies’ personnel. By choosing the preferred combination between the modules available, through the support provided by our training experts, companies have at their disposal a variety of training packages that change on the basis of learning objectives, competences to develop and time available. Smart Revolution can deliver training activities both at the office in Massa, a modern space equipped with a 45-sit training room, maxi flat screen TV, high speed internet connection, located within the recently built East/West business district, or directly at companies’ facilities. 

Training needs assessment/training design

Training needs assessment and training design are at the basis of all trainings developed by Smart Revolution. The training needs assessment is a powerful tool for identifying the training needs of a target group, in order to develop training courses which are customized and more in line with the actual needs of the personnel. Once training needs are identified, trainings are designed on the basis of the competences to develop and by using the most modern methodologies available for adult learning. 

Training needs assessment services are available both in combination with the training activities organised by Smart Revolution and as a separate service for companies in Italy and abroad. 

Training assessment, evaluation and validation of competences

The assessment of training activities is an important component of the courses developed by Smart Revolution. We believe that every training does not end with its delivery, but with an evaluation process aimed at identifying strengths and areas of improvement in a process of continuous development. 

Another service offered by Smart Revolution is the evaluation of the competences developed. Personal, social and organizational competences developed during formal, informal and non-formal learning activities have acquired increasing importance in the context of continuous professional development. Evaluating the competences acquired during training activities is also a way for assessing the effectiveness of the course in terms of individual learning. Nevertheless, there is no a standardised system to assess and certify such competences. 
Smart Revolution, thanks to the co-founders’ involvement in the development of innovative approaches and methodologies at European level and to the participation to the most important European network on the topic, is able to offer to its clients a highly modular and context-based proposal to assess and certify competences, based on a software and an approach that has been developed and it is recognised at European level. 

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The training activities developed by Smart Revolution, both in English and Italian, are based on the most advanced standards established at the international and European level. Specific attention is devoted to using the most effective techniques developed in relation to adult learning, including experiential methodologies, the development (and eventually evaluation and validation) of personal competences. 

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The training sector of Smart Revolution includes the design, organization, implementation and evaluation of trainings, developed on the basis of an innovative, modular and customized approach. Trainings are designed using a competence-based learning methodology, aimed at developing, and eventually also evaluating and validating, the competences of the participants. The service is available both in English and Italian. 

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