Consulting services for private companies

The sector of consulting services for private companies has the objective to support companies in the identification of funds for their lines of activities and in preparing and managing the related project proposals. Specifically, Smart Revolution will provide consulting services regarding call for proposals at the provincial (Bandi di Province e Camere di Commercio), regional (Toscana, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna and Liguria Regions) and national (MISE call for proposals) level. During the years the founders and administrators have developed a specific expertise in the sectors of company innovation, research & development, internationalization, business 4.0, and business creation. Smart Revolution will devote special attention to funds for Research and Development (Credito di imposta Ricerca e Sviluppo) for potential beneficiaries.

The idea is first of all to inform beneficiaries about funding opportunities at the municipal, provincial and national level, on the basis of a customized approach considering each company in the own specificity. Smart Revolution aims at supporting beneficiaries, both individual and private companies, by understanding first of all the customer, the company’s values, strengths and weaknesses, plans for future development, in order to identify the best line of funds for supporting the company in developing services, products and activities. Smart Revolution will then accompany the company, working together step by step, in the phases of the conceptualization, drafting and submission of the specific project proposal, providing support in all the phases related to the project proposal and project management after approval. The process is intended as completed not in the moment in which the company receives funds and is in compliance with all the requirements related to the documentation, but after an internal assessment aimed at identifying strengths, best practices, but also vulnerabilities and weak points of the project implemented, in light of a continuous process of improvement and development in light of future funding opportunities.

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Founder and Administrator:

Giacomo Altamura

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