Project evaluation, quality assurance
and competence assessment

Evaluation and Quality Assurance are two key aspects of any project, while the Assessment refers to the results of the activities in terms of acquired competences.

The careful evaluation of a project is fundamental to allow the partnership or the single beneficiary to reach the expected results within the timeframe and quality foreseen and to ensure the continuous transfer of funds from the funding agency.

Smart Revolution, on the basis of a well-proven experience, offers the following services:
  ●   Internal evaluation, Monitoring and Quality Assurance, as project partner or external service,
  ●   External evaluation of European, national and regional projects,
  ●   Social Impact evaluation as project partner or external service.

Personal, social and organisational competences acquired during informal and non-formal learning activities are considered more and more important for the integration in the labour market and for a continuous professional development. Also, to assess the acquired competences is an efficient way to demonstrate the usefulness of the activities carried out within a project. Nevertheless, there is no standardised system to assess and certify such competences.
Smart Revolution, thanks to its involvement in the development of innovative approaches and methodologies at European level and to the participation to the most important European network on the topic, is able to offer to its clients a highly modular and context-based approach to assess and certify competences, based on a software and an approach recognised at European level.
European Project Management Director:
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Enrica Pautasso

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