Training Industry 4.0

The Tax Credit Training 4.0 is an economic measure supporting the cost of training personnel to develop those competences included in the National Plan Industry 4.0.

Smart Revolution supports private companies in the organisation of trainings related to the following technologies 4.0 and in obtaining the related tax credit:
- Big data and data analysis;
- Cloud and fog computing;
- Cybersecurity;
- Simulation and cyber-physic systems;
- Rapid prototyping;
- Visualisation systems, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR);
- Advanced and collaborative robotics;
- Human machine interface;
- Additive manufacturing (or 3D print);
- Internet of things and machines;
- Digital integration of companies’ processes.

Training Director:
Alt Immagine Responsabile

Rossella Altamura

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