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Smart Revolution is an innovative consulting firm specialised in consulting services for private companies, European project management and training activities. The company is founded on strong values such as transparency, competence and professionalism in all the services offered, a continuous process of search for innovation in order to always offer state of the art services, flexibility, and a friendly approach aimed at customer satisfaction.

Smart Revolution Security

Smart Revolution has created the branch Security to provide security training services to private and public personnel travelling or working in high/medium risk countries, in line with the duty of care of sending entities. We develop employees’ security awareness through immersive experiential scenario-based simulations carried out at unique training facilities.

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ESG Smart Academy

The ESG acronym refers to the areas Environment, Social and Governance, three fundamental dimensions for verifying, measuring, checking, and supporting the commitment of a company or an organisation in terms of sustainability. The ESG parameters have been established to unify assessments of corporate sustainability performance, resulting in accurate, standardized and shared evaluations

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Our services

Starting from the macro-areas of Consulting Services for Private Companies, Training Services and European Project Management, for each client we develop tailored offers.

Our team

Complementary competences and personalities are the ingredient of the success of our young and dynamic team. 
Enrica Pautasso

Co-Founder and Administrator


Giacomo Altamura

Co-Founder and Administrator


Rossella Altamura

Co-Founder and Administrator


Tommaso Lenzoni

Administrative Manager


Paola Capello

Senior Project manager & Fund raiser


Alberico Bedini

Senior Project Manager


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