European Project Management

Every year the European Union makes available funds to finance projects, activities and infrastructures. There are several opportunities, in different sectors and of different ranges. 
European funds are often perceived as an abstract reality that is far from our everyday living. Instead, each of us could be the beneficiary of such funds, as individual European citizen, enterprise, public or private body

The intent of Smart Revolution is to support our clients through a personalised and modular approach able to transform European funds in opportunities and resources. Thanks to a careful analysis of the objectives, strengths and available tools, we will set up a strategy based on the actual needs of the client. 
Smart Revolution offers then consultancy services, project proposal design, management, development and internal, as well as external evaluation of projects totally or partially financed by the European Union.
Moreover, Smart Revolution participates itself as partner or coordinator in European projects. The aim is to be involved in the research and development of the most innovative and functional approaches on the European panorama to transform them in new services and learning offers. 

Through the years the co-founders have particularly developed their experience in the following sectors:

• Entrepreneurship
• Innovation and Creativity
• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Training
• Adult learning
• Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
• Competence development, assessment and validation 
• Training and digital methodologies
• Human Rights
• Security, conflict and emergency management
• Civil Protection

Specifically, the services offered by Smart Revolution are:

Fund Raising and Networking

Project design, management and administration

Project evaluation and competence assessment

Contact us to find together the best solution for your project. 

European Project Management Director:
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Enrica Pautasso

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