Paola Capello

Senior Project manager & Fund raiser
Even before getting my Master’s Degree in International Trade at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Turin in 2007, I specialized in the management of funded projects with a postgraduate course in 2006. To complete my studies, in 2016 I did a Level II Master in Open Innovation and IPR jointly organized by LUISS in Rome and the School of Business Administration of Turin.
Experienced and passionate about European projects, I have always worked as a project manager to develop initiatives related to research, innovation, technology transfer and increasing the competitiveness of companies in various sectors.
I help companies, especially SMEs but also multinational corporations, through the co-design and implementation of the agreed-on growing strategies from fund raising to execution. Particular attention is paid to setting up and consolidating the network of stakeholders to create synergies and new market opportunities for the deployed products and/or services.
I have good listening and observation skills, which allow me to analyse situations and problems from different points of view in order to identify the most effective solutions.
My motto is: “Know the present well and strive for achieving a given goal exploiting all right funding and training opportunities”.