Social Responsibility Report 2021

Social Responsibility Report 2021

Social Responsibility Report 2021


Social Responsibility Report 2021

Letter to our stakeholders

Smart Revolution is proud to present the first Social Responsibility Report of the company. 

Social responsibility or corporate social responsibility is a trending term. Many view it as the company’s philanthropical responsibility to give back to the community where its profits and earnings come from. To us, social responsibility means the ability to safeguard environmental resources and the safety of the people involved, the respect for and protection of the interests of all partners and all individuals with whom it relates, with the final objective of integrating these values into our business activities.

Our entrepreneurial activities and the pursuit of economic profit shall not prevail over the value and respect that are recognized to every human being and to the environment in which we live. We believe that the principles of moral integrity, reliability, transparency, sense of responsibility, and honesty are a value and a condition for business success and represent the basis of all activities. Therefore, we strive to develop our business activities in a sustainable and ethical way.

2021 was a year of uncertainty and adventure. COVID-19 presented an opportunity for us to reflect and reposition our strategy and commitment to be a socially responsible business. We looked into ways in which we can grow our revenue and at the same time rally and support partners from different sectors and countries to be more sustainable – economically, socially and environmentally. With that, this year, not only did we identify and develop three key internal strategies, we also engaged and supported the development of projects with a worthwhile cause across Europe.

Being a socially responsible company is not easy, especially in a time when the economic situation and social environment are extremely volatile. We are glad that we have met many like-minded clients and partners along the way and we look forward to what we can achieve together.

To see our 2021 social journey, please read the document in attachment.

Enrica Pautasso

Co-Founder, Administrator & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager


SR Social Resposibility Report 2021