Tommaso Lenzoni

Administrative Manager for Smart Revolution.
I hold a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from the University of Pisa. After graduation I moved to Spain where I attained a Master’s Degree in Management and Tourism Planning from the University of Santiago de Compostela.
In Spain I had different experiences in the public and private sectors. I worked for the Centre for Tourism Studies and Research of the University of Santiago, where I was responsible of the Congress Tourism Research Area. I worked as Operation Manager for ESN Compostela, creating tailored itineraries and moving yearly more than 2.000 participants of different nationalities. As Business Consultant I provided technical assistance in the management of tourist destinations, products development and definition of promotional strategies. Later on, I moved to the United Kingdom. As Operations Coordinator I dealt with the satisfaction of inbound tourists’ mobility needs providing an extensive range of transfers and tours in UK and Ireland. Finally, I worked for MSC Cruises for five years, where I attained the role of Senior Pricing Analyst and I was responsible for the price definition and revenue maximisation management through the development of strategic initiatives for UK and Ireland. Currently I am responsible for the administrative management of Smart Revolution, and I provide support in the private companies consulting services sector.

“Always looking for new experiences, with this job I found the way to satisfy my curiosity!”